Decorating An Office Meeting Room

Published: 14th April 2011
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Decorating an office meeting room can make the atmosphere more inviting, calming, and generally pleasant. And chances are if your staff feel invited, calm, and pleasant while sitting at the office tables, they will have better attitudes about everything and generate more creative ideas. Here are some tips for decorating an office meeting room to make it more appealing and pleasant.

1.Paint the walls. Even a fresh coat of the same colour of paint can have a great effect. The room will seem cleaner and larger. But if you want to be creative, go ahead. Bright colours might promote creativity, and blue is thought to be calming.

2. Put up some curtains. Most office rooms have blinds or nothing on the windows. This makes for a clean, modern looking room, but frankly also a rather boring room. Why not add some curtains, or at the very least, try a new shade or blind that’s more interesting—perhaps some bamboo ones or a brightly coloured one.

3. Put in a new carpet or an area rug. As with the paint, sometimes a new carpet of the same type can spruce things up enough to lift moods. Dirty and stained carpets are not pleasant. But anything clean looks fresh and appealing. An area rug might add some colour. Make sure you place it where it will be seen, and not underneath the meeting room tables.

4. Add some table lamps. These could be placed on the meeting room tables, or a small table in a corner. Lamp shades made of coloured glass, such as the traditional green secretary lamps, will add some depth to the décor.

5. Put some pictures on the walls. But make them interesting pictures. Don’t put up your typical fare that you would find in a dentist’s office or a hospital. Actually think about what you would like to have on your wall if it were your home.

Simple touches like these will make your staff feel welcome and comfortable as they sit around the office tables in the next meeting.

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